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About Us


Whatever your financial situation, we are here to help. An experienced mortgage adviser can call you at your conveniece  to establish your circumstance. Then, from that point, discuss  the options available to you.  Most people who have credit issues, i.e. low credit score, don’t believe they can obtain a mortgage. However, there are lenders who will consider all types of issues. For the sake of a few minutes of your time, you may be surprised by what can actually be acheived. 

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Paul has an extensive knowledge of mortgages, life insurance, home insurance.  Working within financial services for 30yrs, his  experience within the industry has involved all aspects of financial planning.

For the past fifteen yrs that has been focused on the mortgage sector. Residential, Buy to Let and Commercial funding. Along with the insurance protection wrappers appropriate to the clients’ circumstance.


Victoria Financial Solutions, as a company, is relatively new to the market and is pleased to utilise the wealth of experience Paul has acquired  within the Financial Services Industry.

Victoria Financial Solutions will provide a personalised service and leave no stone unturned to achieve the objectives of our clients. As part of that work ethic we will be available/contactable up to 9pm 5 days a week 

There are  answers to some  questions just wont wait!

Victoria Financial Solutions believes in an independent advice and service led proposition. This  means the client can expect more than just a mortgage. The client will receive support when  it is needed most. Guidance, not just through the minefield of the mortgage rmarket products and criteria, but throughout the whole process to completion.

Initial consultation with one of our advisors is free of charge. Contact us now.